08 Jan 2020
  1. White oak flooring’s growth rings are spaced more closely together than other oak hardwood flooring, which means your white oak floors will have a smoother, more uniform texture. 
  2. The durability. White oak hardwood flooring is more durable than other species of oak too. This increased durability makes it a great fit for busy areas of the home (such as the entry way) or families with pets or young children. 
  3. The price. White oak flooring is a more cost effective option than many other types of flooring. 
  4. The resistance. White oak hardwood flooring is more water resistant making it a good option for kitchens in addition to entryways, dining rooms and bedrooms 
  5. The color. White oak hardwood flooring’s bright, creamy color palette can make a room feel uplifting, light and serene. Take a look at how the white oak flooring pairs beautifully with this accent wall. 

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