Polyurethane Floor Recoating Services

Are your hardwood floors looking dull? If a deep clean hasn’t restored their shine, it may be time to add a new layer of polyurethane. We’re standing by to help!

Recoating entails scuffing the top layer of polyurethane and then recoating with polyurethane. Recoating will take out minor surface scratches and dirt that have penetrated into the surface of the finish.

Not only will a polyurethane recoat make your floors look gorgeous again, it will help extend the life of your floor’s finish by protecting the wood from deep scratches that require refinishing to remove.


We offer expert installation and refinishing for all of the flooring products we carry. You can trust our installers to create a great-looking floor for your home. Whether it’s a solid-hard wood, laminate or a detailed refinish, our licensed and insured professionals will get the job done accurately and beautifully.

Polyurethane Floor Recoating in Atlanta GA