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Atlanta's leading hardwood floor installation and services

My husband and I managed the majority of our renovation ourselves, and Peach Design was one of the best subcontractors we worked with during the process. Michael was anything but pushy and completely understood that we were being budget conscious. He was extremely flexible with our schedule, and showed genuine interest in working with us to get the best flooring results (i.e. providing us tips on crawlspace insulation etc.). The floors were installed without a hitch following the exact timeline that we had scheduled for.
Even more amazing was how Michael pro-actively reached back out to us based on our original anticipated timeframe to see when we would be ready for the floors to be stained. My husband and I were not the easiest customers when it came to deciding on stain, and the team was more than flexible with us laying down extra samples of the stains we were debating between in other locations throughout the house for us to judge.
We had a hiccup at the end when they notified us that our shoe-molding paint color was a little off from our walls. Without digging into whether this was our fault or our painters fault, they went ahead and gave us an extra free layer of water-sealant knowing that this was something we had originally wanted.
Overall would highly recommend Peach Design -- in a world of selfish contractors that cannot hold true to their word, this is one that you won't have to worry about!


6760 Jimmy Carter Blvd, Suite 140 Norcross, GA. 30071


(770) 451-2270



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